About 生活工房とは?

    生活工房 = 「暮らしのデザインミュージアム」

    We provide various programs focusing on how we live with better design of our fundamental issue of food, clothing and
    shelter, diversity of cultures of around the world, arts and crafts and advanced technology.

    And since 2012, we add another aspect: “planetary design”. Without the wisdom of nature of our planet we won't be able to
    make our living sustainable and efficient. How can we solve problems of our nature resource, food, growing population,
    biodiversity and climate change?

    We believe that design as a creative thinking will inspire our daily life and make our world better place to live.


    We produce various programs along with the vision and missions of each category.



    Lifestyle Design Center provides four main figures of programs: Exhibition, Workshop, Seminar/Event and Local Community.

    展覧会 ― Exhibition 新たな発見が暮らしを彩る


    We are pioneering program of creative world of various designs, arts & crafts and intercultural experience into everyday life which will offer new and different view and value to share.

    セミナー ― Seminor 社会を知り、学びを楽しむ


    Wide-ranging program of seminars and events for adults brings the academic field and creative world of design into our everyday life.

    ワークショップ ― Workshop 身体を使ってモノづくりを楽しむ


    Our design and creativity workshops for all ages offer fun and inspiring time to experience. In cooperation with exterior venue of specific function strengthen some of the programs.

    地域と市民活動 - Local Community 地域とつながる


    Operating activity space and supporting programs for non-profit organizations, we encourage local citizens' networking with various people and exchange ideas for developing sustainable society.

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    2011年度 来場者総数 236,651名


    2011年度 事業総数 105件

    Space 施設のご利用

    • 5F セミナールーム
    • 4F ワークショップルームA・B
    • 3F 生活工房ギャラリー
    • 3F 市民活動支援コーナー

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    東京都世田谷区太子堂4-1-1 キャロットタワー

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