Lifestyle Design Center is the crossroad of life and design.

In an age overflowing with things and information.
Lifestyle Design Center illuminates the intangible as well as the tangible,paying attention to small stories.
Through the experience of seeing, touching, and sensing,we ask: what is true abundance, what is culture?
We value the creation of a space for dialogue,to touch on the roots of life and ask each other why .

About Us

The Lifestyle Design Center, established by Setagaya city, is a unique public cultural facility which makes a clear distinction from art museum, museum, and citizen’s hall. With theme of daily life design, culture, and environment, we hold programs for all generations such as exhibits, workshops, seminars, and manage region based events such as handmade work flea market. We also have a community kitchen and rooms for exhibits, workshops, seminars, and meetings available to rent.


New Discoveries Embellish Daily Life

Exhibitions on diversified themes such as design, crafts, and foreign cultures are held in the Seikatsu-Kobo Gallery and the Workshop Rooms.


The Joy of Making Things

A variety of programs are held where participants of all ages can move their hands and bodies as they enjoy “think” and “make” workshops.


Understanding Society, Enjoying Learning

Experience living words on life and culture in various lectures and talk events given by specialists and creators.

Citizen Activity

Connecting with the Region

We assist with region-building by supporting area and regional activities and exchange, widening the circle of various values and sympathies, and creating vibrant networks.

The number of visitors in fiscal 2022


219 people
Seminar / Event
1,697 people
Citizen Activity
8,030 people
Rental Facility User
15,862 people